Apple’s Emergency SOS via satellite is not officially here, but according to the company, the feature will activate in November. When it is available for iPhone 14 users, only the U.S. and Canada will support it, but not for long, according to the latest information.

Currently, There Is No Word on Which Other Regions Plan to Get the Emergency SOS via Satellite Feature

This helpful addition to the iPhone 14 will reportedly be available in other countries, according to MacPrime, claiming that Apple informed the Swiss publication. The website did not provide additional details on the matter, meaning that apart from the U.S. and Canada, it is unclear which will be the third country to get support for Apple’s Emergency SOS.

To bring the feature to the two aforementioned countries, Apple has partnered with Globalstar, which has agreed to allocate 85 percent of its current and future network capacity to support iPhone 14 models and likely future iPhones that support satellite connectivity. Given that this partnership will require Globalstar’s resources, Apple only intends to make its Emergency SOS via satellite feature free for two years, after which it will start charging customers an undisclosed fee.

To make the feature work in other countries, Apple will likely have to partner with other satellite communications companies that agree to provide free coverage to iPhone 14 customers. It appears that Apple could be absorbing these costs, but as a business that is intended to make a profit, the California-based giant can only do much in the name of freebies. Maybe when Apple launches its own satellites, perhaps we will see a more enriched feature set for various products.

For the time being, if you are not living in the U.S. or Canada, it would be best to wait. We are sure Apple would want nothing more than to bring its Emergency SOS via satellite feature to other countries since it means potential customers would be encouraged to pick up iPhones, resulting in more sales for the company. Unfortunately, launching this feature has its own set of challenges, so regardless of Apple’s current position in the world, even it has its limitations.

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News Source: MacPrime