• Gaming company Roblox is actively hiring for hundreds of roles.
  • Analysis of foreign-labor-disclosure data for 2022 shows top talent can make up to $450,000. 
  • Here’s what engineers, designers, and executives can make.

Online gaming platform Roblox has 292 open roles on its website and is speeding ahead with hiring plans, including for entry- and grad-level roles over the next year. 

The platform is wildly popular with teens and children, and currently has 54.1 million daily active users. Like other major technology companies in 2022, Roblox has felt the impact of the current market rout and seen a hit to its share price. But as other tech firms shrink their staff, the firm’s chief technology officer Dan Sturman said in a statement the firm is continuing to hire and that it does not have plans to lay off staff or freeze recruiting.

“We are incredibly grateful that we are in the position to continue to hire across hundreds of positions, including product and engineering, as we thoughtfully and strategically grow our team,” Sturman said. “Roblox is attracting top technical talent with our investment in innovation, strong business growth, and the long-term vision of ushering in the metaverse — a space we’ve been in for over 15 years.”

Roblox was talking about the metaverse — a persistent digital space — years before Meta, and all of its job postings use the term.

Current roles available range from senior software engineer – virtual economy, machine learning software engineer – avatar, to deep learning software engineer – avatar emotion.

The company pays well into the six figures for top talent, as outlined by previously published foreign-labor-disclosure salary data for 2021. 

Insider also combed through Roblox’s new foreign disclosure hire data for 2022, which shows a base salary for roles based at the firm’s headquarters in San Mateo, California. The job offers span engineering, data science, design and management. 

The highest paid person in the set is a vice president of social and apps on a base salary of $450,000.

Here’s the breakdown of Roblox’s 2022 salary data for foreign hires.