• Ever wonder how much Microsoft pays analysts or engineers? We analyzed thousands of salaries.
  • Microsoft discloses salary data in visa applications, so we dug through the filings.
  • Multiple support engineers were offered bases under six figures. See what others were offered.

Microsoft recently said it planned to significantly raise compensation across the company, but how much does it actually pay now?

As Insider recently reported, the company has been considering pay raises across its workforce to address growing dissatisfaction with compensation and stop employees from leaving for competitors including Amazon.

In an internal company poll this year, viewed by Insider, just 66% of employees answered favorably to a question about whether they get a “good deal at Microsoft (i.e. there is a reasonable balance between what I contribute to Microsoft and what I get in return).” Favorable responses to this question are down from 73% last year, though Microsoft overhauled its employee survey this year so the results may not be comparable.

Microsoft’s plans to increase compensation follow Amazon’s announcement in February that it would more than double its maximum base salary to $350,000. At least some within Microsoft are skeptical of the move, according to interviews with employees and screenshots of questions asked by employees in an internal meeting.

Although Microsoft does not share how much it pays employees, it is required to disclose salary offers in work-visa applications submitted to the US Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Insider combed data from the office, which authorizes hiring non-US employees, then publicly releases the data.

The data does not include stock grants that can significantly increase total compensation, but it is a valuable guide to Microsoft salaries for a variety of positions. Insider dug through the thousands of disclosed salaries that represent engineers, managers, and more.

The majority of the analyzed salaries from the first quarter of 2022 represent workers in Washington, California, Georgia and Texas. The highest-paid person in the data set is a software engineer in California who was offered $285,000, while the lowest-paid person is an Ally Sales Specialist in Washington who was offered $65,000.

Here’s a breakdown of what Microsoft pays many other employees. The broad categories are taken from filings by the Office of Foreign Labor Certification. Roles are listed below only if there are at least five candidates.

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