• Ever wonder how much Twitter pays engineers or analysts? We analyzed dozens of salaries.
  • Twitter discloses salary data in visa applications to the US Department of Labor.
  • Every Twitter employee included in the visa data makes six figures. See what they were each offered.

Twitter was busy hiring earlier this year, before Elon Musk struck a deal to acquire the social media company and it issued a hiring freeze.

Twitter hired more than 100 workers who required visas during the first quarter of 2022 and is paying them all well into the six figures, according to hiring data submitted to the US Department of Labor’s Office of Foreign Labor Certification. The data has its limitations, like not including grants of stock most workers receive that make up a sizable portion of overall compensation packages. The company does have to disclose the base salary for any position it’s hiring a foreign worker for, and the salary has to be the same a US worker would be offered, making it a good guide for pay.

However, in the face of a suddenly bearish stock market and a turbulent acquisition by Musk, the billionaire Tesla CEO, Twitter in May froze all hiring at the company, as Insider reported. The company even began rescinding offers. This is likely just the start of more pronounced belt tightening and layoffs predicted to come under Musk’s ownership. Although his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter is expected to close, it is far from complete.

Should you go out for one of the few jobs Twitter may consider “critical” enough to hire for in the coming months, it appears to still be paying competitively with other Big Tech companies, like Facebook. An Insider analysis of first quarter hiring data showed Twitter paying well over $100,000 for dozens of roles, like analysts, and over $200,000 for many others, like software engineers and managers.

See below for a complete breakdown of salary ranges at Twitter for jobs it’s hired for this year. Roles are listed only if there were at least two hires. To see pay for even more roles at Twitter, see the breakdown of a complete year’s worth of hiring data.

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