How to Undelete Deleted Files the Sure Way : Almost all the time we use files to save our work, to store information, and to enjoy media. Our whole computer technology architecture is built on file storing and file sharing. Nowadays, file manipulation is not as arcane as it once was, making the ordinary computer user add, copy, move, and delete files like ordinary objects.

There are times however, when we delete files by mistake, or delete them without making second thoughts on how useful they are in the future. If the presence of certain files pesters us, we gleefully hit the delete button right away. Then remorse takes over. For an ordinary user who does not know how to undelete deleted files, that might be a big problem.

In the Windows operating system, once a file has been deleted, it is immediately sent to the Recycle Bin. That directory, or folder, works exactly like its namesake, holding files for further deletion. However, the operating system normally does not physically “send” the file to another sector of space in your hard drive; rather, the system assigns to it a different directory entry, which is the filename and a complete path name to the folder called “Recycle”. Yes, it isn’t physically removed at all; the computer merely changes the reference to that file. It stays in the same bits of space in your hard drive.

In order to undelete deleted files stored in the Recycle Bin, simply select the file or folder, left-click over it, and choose restore. The file will then be virtually “sent back” to its original location.

Well, how about if the user chooses to further delete the file in the Recycle Bin? Won’t that permanently erase the file from the computer’s memory?

Not exactly. The same principle of assigning a different directory entry applies to permanent removal of the file from the Recycle Bin. The file just stays in its space of hard drive, until the time comes when Windows needs to overwrite that space for it to store a new file. Because of this, the chances of successfully recovering deleted files become much slimmer as time passes by and more data is stored in the computer.

In order to undelete deleted files, one needs to have a third party program that can perform the files recovery perfectly. First, one needs to download that utility program. After that, simply install the utility program and specify the drive where your files were located. Run the program, let it scan the drive, and wait for several minutes as it tries to locate the hidden files.