The first iPads was released by Apple in 2010. It didn’t take long for it to become the no. 1 tablet computer in the world. On January 27th, 2015, Apple made an announcement just ahead of Apple iPad’s 5th anniversary. They had sold 250 million iPads worldwide till that date. Each iPad model comes with 64-bit chitecture, stunning Retina display and front and rear cameras and up to 128 GB of storage. Working on an iPad means you will get addicted to it, you will never want to work on any other tablet computer. When a device is so popular, some people really go to extreme lengths to get associated with it in one way or the other. In this article, we will tell you some jaw-dropping stories of iPad mania.

In April 2010, Greg Packer waited in line for the first iPad in front of the Apple’s 5th Avenue store. The wait was for 48 hours. The funny thing was he was later sent back in line for not having a reservation. It’s not without any reason that media calls this guy “iLoser”.

In March 2011, a woman named Amanda Foote, then a media studies student at Manhattan Community college, waited 41 hours in front of the Apple’s flagship store in NY to be the first to purchase the iPad 2. She was no loser because she later sold the spot for $900 to an app developer named Hazem Sayed.

Those were the stories of people waiting for iPads, now it’s time for the story.

iPad waiting for iPhone (yes, you read that right). A woman named Lucy Kelly sent an iPad robot to wait in line for an iPhone 6s in Sydney, Australia. The robot was built by Double Robotics, a company based in CA, which manufactures Pad-based telepresence robots called “Double”.

Now let’s come to the world of games. Remember Flappy Bird? That game which had the rare ability of frustrating and entertaining the players at the same time? The game was taken down by its developer company. GEARS Studios. Soon, iPads with Flappy Bird installed started surfacing on online stores like eBay and Amazon, with prices above $10,000.

G-Form, a company renowned for making ultra-hard electronic cases, launched an iPad in the company’s 6oz Perimeter case into space with a balloon and let it free-fall back to earth. The iPad was found functioning when retrieved from the ground after the fall. Even though it was in a strong case, we cannot ignore the fact that only the top class materials used in the manufacturing of the device and Apple’s engineering prowess can produce a device capable of surviving a 100,000+ foot fall from space.

Because of the value an Apple iPad tablet adds to its user’s life, sometimes iPad also gets associated with extremely sentimental incidents. In India, on May, 2014, a young law student committed suicide. People and especially the police conveniently forgot about the case until a video suicide note was discovered in her iPad by her family members where she blamed a man and a woman for torturing her. The police had to register a case of abetment to suicide due to this discovery.

Apple has delivered millions of iPads to people worldwide since the inception. There are millions of Apple iPad fans in almost all countries. With time this iPad mania will only grow as economies of developing countries will keep growing. It can be said with certainty that, even though new alternative tablet computers powered by other technologies keep surfacing on the market almost on a monthly basis, they will never be as famous as Apple iPad tablet.